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MA- Palani by shufie MA- Palani by shufie
Name:  Palani
Gender:  Male
 5 Foot 9"
Job: Executor Island Pokemon Conservationist / Trainer

Residing:  Poni Island
Relationship status: Single but committed to his job. (Bisexual)

:bulletyellow: Caring
:bulletyellow: Optimistic
:bulletyellow: Chilled
:bulletyellow: Dutiful
:bulletyellow: Passionate

:bulletred: Gullible
:bulletred: Indecisive
:bulletred: Tactless
:bulletred: Overburdened
:bulletred: Touchy

History: Born on Poni island, raised by his father after his mother died when he was very young. His dad worked as a fisherman and on his days off would take Palani around the islands on their family boat home. Palani loved visiting Executor Island and would visit there at least once a month. His father eventually bought him a canoe so he could paddle over whenever he wanted. However one day whilst he was heading to the island the weather turned for the worst. A huge storm blew in, It capsized his canoe and left Palani adrift and struggling against the huge waves to swim to the executor island. He was only 9 years old at the time and once he reached the island exhausted he tried to find shelter but no matter where he went he couldn't hide from the storms torrential winds and rain. He was starting to lose a lot of heat when the executors showed up. They rallied around the crying boy and sheltered him from the wind and rain alongside themselves.  By morning the storm had passed and a rescue team had arrived searching for him.  Ever since that day studying Executors and other Pokemon became his passion.

As he got older he decided he wanted to study and work with wild Pokemon so when he was 18 he did a course on Akala island and studied Pokemon in the Lush Jungle. Though he had been warned of a dangerous passimian that had been attacking locals he thought nothing of it. He spend the day studying a group of passimians; discovering how the group would feed together and work in groups to protect on another. At the end of the day the group began to wander off he noticed one passimian that had been left behind. It had been hidden nearby all day and must have been stalking the group. The group noticed the stalking passimian before they left and attacked it to scare it away. They however chased it towards Palani and the stressed stalker Passimian tried to attack him. He didn't keep Pokemon as he believed they should be left in the wild, so he had almost no way to defend himself. He felt in his pocket and remembered he was given pokeballs to capture and analyse pokemon from the lush jungle. He threw the pokeball and caught the passimian.  Feeling bad for capturing her, he spend the next months trying to release her back into a group of wild passimians but every time she approached them she was attacked. As time went on however she stopped approaching the other passimians and just stayed by Palani as he studied them. By the end of the course he had been in talks with the conservationists on executor island and they offered him a junior position. He tried to release her one last time but she refused to leave his side and went back with him to Poni island.

It wasn't long before Palani became a full fledged conservationist on executor island and began giving tours and talks about the executors to tourists and locals. One day as he wandered the island checking on all the Pokemon he noticed a beaten up Grubbin and a Peliper flying over head. It must have flown it all the way over from Melemele island in its bill. He felt sorry for the small bug pokemon and nursed it back to health. The grubbin quickly became attached to him and the cosy treatment he had been receiving and refused to leave him. Going as far as to place himself in a premium ball that was lying around in his house from his course days. On top of this, his passimian which at first followed him soon began to try and lead him around, she often barks at him and refuses all his orders. He heard about the island trials and how they can make a Pokemon obey you. Since he is stuck with these two, hes hoping to participate in the trials to gain passimians trust and bulk up the grubbin so he'll be able to fend for himself in the wild.

Passimian treats the three of them as her group and looks after them. She can get very defensive and sometimes battles strangers Pokemon to Palanis dismay. 
Palani tries to toughen grubbin up in battles but grubbin just hides behind Palani.
Palani has never left the alola region but loves other regions cultures and names.
Did you know Passimians are 6'07". I didn't and almost drew her tiny (I'm still not sure how accurate the size is as there is no size references anywhere that I can use. OTL)

Roleplay information: Discord :bulletgreen: , Notes :bulletgreen: , Skype :bulletyellow: (been turning it off recently), Emails ect :bulletred:, GMT 0 
I'm quite rusty and self-conscious at rping at the moment so go easy on me Q^Qb
I can do paragraph, script ect. I also love me some drama.


Nickname: Susan
Pokemon Species: Passimian
Sex: Female
Type: Fighting
Ability: Defiant
 Rock Smash
Focus Energy
Scary Face
Beat Up

Nickname: Gerald
Pokemon Species: 
Vice Grip
String Shot

Fullbody Ref
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beariewinkle Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
Ahh they all look so awesome!!! Palani is such a sweetheart though omg--
And for real though, pokemon heights are seriously so weird
shufie Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017
OMG thank you so much especially since your arts are so gorgeous :squee: I'm so glad you see him as sweet and not too creepy he was so hard to draw and not look like a creeper //bricked
Its so silly right!? Passimians are like Lemurs, they shouldn't be that big XD 
Pandamunk Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Student Traditional Artist

Also I feel ya on pokemon heights, they always get me floored when they tell you the true height. I keep thinking they're like...regular animal/dog sized.
shufie Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017

I know they are ridiculous sometimes XD I'm starting to take it more with a pinch of salt as Pokemon Go had really random Pokemon sizes so I'm using that as an excuse :lol:
bakugou Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
shufie Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
OMG THANK YOU! :tighthug:
I love drawing Pokemon and animals but I hardly get chance so this was my excuse to draw them lots XD 
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